Humanomed Consult

Humanomed Consult GmbH manages and runs privately owned healthcare facilities in Austria and additionally, offers health care consulting and IT-consulting services.

Management of health care facilities

Humanomed Consult GmbH (founded in 1997 under the name Diather Krankenhaus Management) has evolved from the Humanomed Center Althofen in Carinthia. From the beginning, Humanomed has stood for long-term and economically sustainable healthcare management and state-of-the art technology utilized in the service of humane medicine.

The successful management of healthcare facilities is made possible through long-term and economically enduring strategies.

Humanomed Consult manages the following companies, that can be seen as primary clients:

Humanomed Consult provides to its primary clients the executive board and departments for finance and accounting, human resources, controlling, IT, medical engineering, consulting, as well as marketing and public relations, law and contracting and quality management.


Proceeding from the Humanomed Center Althofen in the Austrian province of Carinthia, private healthcare providers as well as the brand name Humanomed have been positioned all over Austria.

2021 Participation and management of AMI Kärnten GmbH - institut of occupational medicine, safety and psychology
2018 Acquisition Microclimate Tunnel Friedrich and Hotel and Spa Bleibergerhof, Bad Bleiberg
2013 Foundation of Humanomed IT Solutions GmbH as an affiliate of Humanomed
2012 Merger of Private Hospital Althofen and Medical Spa & Rehabilitation Center Althofen - new company name Humanomed Center Althofen
2011 Reopening of Private Hospital Maria Hilf with 160 hospital beds
2010 Foundation of Humanomed International Healthcare GmbH as an affiliate of Humanomed Consult GmbH - merger with Humanomed Consult in July 2013
2009 Diather Krankenhaus Management GmbH changed its trade name to Humanomed Consult GmbH - new branding Humanomed
2008 Acquisition Private Hospital Maria Hilf, Klagenfurt, Carinthia
Acquisition majority share of Private Hospital Villach, Carinthia
2000 Private Hospital Wehrle, Salzburg, reopening after recontruction - management until end of 2008
Management shareholder Private Hospital Graz Ragnitz, Styria - shareholder until end of 2008
1998 Management Private Hospital Maria Hilf with 128 hospital beds
1997 Foundation Diather Krankenhaus Management GmbH
1996 Management Theresienhof Fronleiten, Styria - shareholder until end of 2007
1995 Management shareholder Privat Hospital Döbling, Vienna - shareholder until end of 2008
1994 Management shareholder Confraternität Private Hospital Josefstadt, Vienna - shareholder until end of 2008
1993 Management Therapy Center St. Veit, Carinthia - management contract until end of 2006
1991 Foundation Humanomed Krankenhaus Management GmbH - shareholder until end of 2008
1989 Shareholding and management of Private Hospital Wehrle, Salzburg - shareholder until end of 2008
Foundation Humanomed Consult Beratungs- und Softwaregesellschaft GmbH
1985 Opening Private Hospital Villach, Carinthia, with 152 hospital beds
1983 Opening Herz-Kreislauf Zentrum Groß Gerungs, Lower Austria - shareholder until end of 2007
1980 Opening Moorheilbad Harbach, Lower Austria - shareholder until end of 2007
1979 Opening Private Hospital Althofen, Carinthia, with 83 hospital beds
1972 Foundation Medical Spa and Rehabilitation Center Althofen, Carinthia


Humanomed Consult GmbH offers in addition to its hospital management activities, consultant services to health care companies. This knowledge is based on longtime experience in the management of health care facilities in Austria. The consulting services encompass the fields of medical engineering, optimisation of spatial planning and operational services, financial solutions, IT consulting, as well as due diligence and feasibility studies.

Medical services

Medical services are vital for any health care provider and require thorough planning and constant improvement.

It is essential to customise the medical services to cater the needs of the health care system and patients, as well as to evaluate the existing structures on a regular basis.

Process optimisation

Efficiency and cost control are central administrative tasks of any health care institution. Optimising processes of serving patients, doctors and administrations can effectively reduce costs and improve quality.

Spacial and functional planning

In Humanomed’s spatial planning layout DIN 13080, large, but not overdimensioned workspace areas, that are dynamically assembled, can be found.

Architects closely cooperate with Humanomed and further develop spatial plans and layouts.

Medical engineering - planning and implementation

Our competent staff of the department of medical engineering is primarily responsible for the planning, allocation, implementation and consecutive assessment of medical technology deployed in companies cooperating with Humanomed. Simultaneously our medical engineers are active as consultants and provide their own experiences to our clients in projects.

With the creation and implementation of fully integrated IT-technology, multimedia and images are transmitted to all hospital and operating rooms.