Center for Spine and Neurosurgery

The Center for Spine and Neurosurgery offers the entire spectrum of modern treatment for the spinal column. An area of emphasis is placed on spinal puncture surgery using local anesthesia which reduces and prevents the necessity of a more invasive operation. If this type of minimally invasive surgery does not provide promising results, then state-of-the-art endoscopic (keyhole surgery) and microsurgical operation techniques will be utilized.

Medical Services

  • Inpatient and outpatient interventional pain therapy
  • Percutaneous (minimally invasive) spine surgery
  • Ozone chemonucleolysis for herniated disks
  • Endoscopic disk operations and laser surgeries
  • Microscopic operations of spine stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canals)
  • Artificial disk replacement
  • Stabilization of spondylolisthesis (anterior displacement of the vertebrae)
  • Injection of bone cement in cases of osteoporosis
  • Surgery of the peripheral nerves (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome)

Our specialist

Jens-Peter Vogelsang, MD
Deputy director of Private Hospital Villach
T: +43 (0) 4242 3044 35648

Dr. Vogelsang is supported by a team of physicians, nurses, OR-staff and physical therapists. Furthermore they work closely with all other departments in the Private Hospital Villach.