Exercise and healthy nutrition for your metabolism!

Who would benefit from the Metabolic Rehabilitation?

The Metabolic Rehabilitation is aimed at patients, who suffer from

  • diabetes mellitus with or without later complications, with or withouth obesity
  • diabetes mellitus after pancreatitis
  • diabetes mellitus due to medication
  • risk factors, e. g. obesity, high blood fat levels, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrom
  • obesity and other risk factors
Stoffwechsel Rehabilitation


The aims are to regain physical health and to constantly improve the individual quality of life by

  • increasing the ability to manage the disease
  • reintegration into the social and work environment
  • developing follow-up therapy concepts
  • conducting health promoting measures
  • preventing and decreasing the need of care

Treatment programme

It is our aim to help patients to develop an access to their own body and to adapt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

  1. Medical entry examination
  2. Development of an individual treatment programme
  3. Nutritional counselling
  4. Exercise therapy
  5. Physical therapy
  6. Indication-specific theoretical training and lectures
  7. Regular process examination

Application form

Humanomed Center Althofen has a billing contract with the Austrian social insurance company Pensionsversicherungsanstalt (PVA), SVS and ÖGK.

Your doctor submits the completed application form to your insurance company in order to get the treatment costs covered.

You will be notified by your insurance company via mail when your application has been approved. Hence, we will send you the date of stay in our facility.

Download your application form here:


Head of Metabolic Rehabilitation

Bianca Zuschnig, MD
Doctor of internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolic medicine