Motion is life

The Orthopedic Rehabilitation is designed for patients who suffer from chronic ailments or had a surgery on the musculoskeletal system. We help you to quickly restore your mobility and overcome physical limitations.

Who would benefit from the Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

The Orthopedic Rehabilitation is aimed at patients

  • with musculoskeletal disorders
  • after musculoskeletal surgery, e. g. on shoulder, hip, knee, foot or spine
  • after injuries of the musculoskeletal system


  • Quick return to your social and work life
  • Restoration of mobility
  • Improved movement
  • Reduced pain
  • Motivation for lifestyle changes to enhance overall health
  • Building strength and selfcompetence for everyday life

Treatment programme

The therapeutic concept of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation includes a number of active and passive therapies as well as physical activity, relaxation and behaviour oriented measures. Additionally therapies with the use of our natural healing moor are offered.

This is the basis for patients to restore physical functions, strengthen physical performance and empower patients to take responsibility for their health.

  1. Medical entry examination
  2. Development of an individual treatment programme
    • Medical training therapy and gymnastics
    • Thermotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound and hydro-physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy including back training
    • Indication-specific theoretical training and lectures
    • Nutritional counselling
  3. Regular process examination

Application form

Humanomed Center Althofen has billing contracts with all social insurance companies in Austria.

Your doctor submits the completed application form to your insurance company in order to get the treatment costs covered.

You will be notified by your insurance company via mail when your application has been approved. Hence, we will send you the date of stay in our facility.

Download your application form here:


Our team

Elke Böttcher, MD
Head of Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Medical Spa
Doctor of internal medicine and rheumatology

Seada Zahirovic, MD
Doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Agata Dobric, MD
Doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Kurt Egarter, MD
Orthopedic surgeon

Alexander Gmeiner, MD
Orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Maja Lodeta
Doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Michaela Fischer, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Klaus Halm, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Michaela Fischer, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Doris Messiner, MD
Doctor of general medicine


Head of therapy
Gudrun Aichern

Michaela Mallner

Head of nursing staff
Claudia Blasnig

Head nurse
Anna Wastl