Step by step to more quality of life

Who would benefit from the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation?

The Cardiovascular Rehabilitation is aimed at patients after

  • heart attack
  • heart surgery
  • PCI (dilitation of coronary arteries, stent implantation)
  • pacemaker implantation
  • electrophysiological interventions
  • arrhythmia
  • vascular surgery

patients suffering from

  • chronic cardiac insufficiency
  • arterial hypertension
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • coronary heart disease
  • peripheral artery disease
Herz-Kreislauf Rehabilitation


  • Improving physical performance
  • Reduction of the individual risk factors
  • Development of follow-up therapy concepts
  • Prevention of further cardiac events
  • Acquiring strategies for disease management
  • Preventing and decreasing the need of care
  • Reintegration into the social and work enviroment

Give up your old bad habits today and start living a healthy new life, which is based on exercise and relaxation!

Treatment programme

  1. Medical entry examination
  2. Development of an individual treatment programme
  3. Physical therapy including cardio and strength training. The main focus is laid on the cardio training, which is individually adapted to the patient's needs. To prevent overstraining, in every training unit a heart rate monitor is used.
  4. Indication-specific theoretical training and lectures
  5. Nutritional counselling
  6. Psychology
  7. Regular process examination

Every patient will be constantly monitored by our doctors during the whole stay.


Application form

Humanomed Center Althofen has billing contracts with the following social insurance companies in Austria: PVA, BVAEB, SVS, KFA Wien and ÖGK.

Your doctor submits the completed application form to your insurance company in order to get the treatment costs covered.

You will be notified by your insurance company via mail when your application has been approved. Hence, we will send you the date of stay in our facility.

Download your application form here:


Our team

Karin Harpf, MD
Head of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
Doctor of internal medicine and cardiology

Thomas Singer, MD
Doctor of internal medicine and cardiology

Claudia Waldhauser, MD
Doctor of internal medicine and cardiology

Dieter Kramer, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Florian Kruse, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Violeta Lorenz, MD
Doctor of general medicine

Manuela Walder-Weiß, MD
Doctor of general medicine


Head of therapy
Gudrun Aichern

Danika Kowatsch

Head of nursing staff
Claudia Blasnig

Head nurse
Sonja Engl

Anneliese Pirolt