In addition to its wide range of medical services, the Humanomed Center Althofen naturally offers all of the amenities of a first class hotel. All of our single and double bedrooms contain a bathroom with shower/bathtub, a toilette as well as a telephone and a TV set. You can use the WLAN free of charge, that is available in the entire resort.

We also provide you with local and delicious cuisine. In the morning you will enjoy a rich and healthy breakfast buffet, for lunch and dinner you can choose out of several traditional dishes. If you need to stick to a special diet, due to illness, our dietitians will help you by creating your personal diet plan.

Outside normal therapy hours, our swimming pool, the sauna which includes a solarium, and the Altis Fitness Arena are available to our patients.

We have a number of cafés, a newsstand with magazines, newspapers, books and various consumables, a library as well as a barber, a cosmetic studio including pedicure on site.


The Humanomed Center Althofen offers many possibilities to enjoy the beautiful landscape and be physically active at once, after having absolved the therapies.

There is a wide network of walking and hiking paths surrounding the Humanomed Center Althofen. At the reception desk you can pick an assortment of jogging and hiking maps free of charge, which will assist you in exploring the beautiful landscape safely.

We have established an automobile-free zone and a nightly lights-out policy, which guarantees our patients a peaceful and quiet night’s sleep.

Events and leisure time activities

The Humanomed Center Althofen offers several events weekly:

  • classical music concerts
  • various lectures
  • music and cabaret nights

We would like to inform you that rehabilitation patients are only allowed to leave the Humanomed Center Althofen with the doctor's permission and against signing a revers.

City of Althofen

Althofen's main attraction is the medieval old town, that is located on a hill and is characterised by its medieval buildings, ancient arches and scenic alleys.

Besides the old town, a visit to the Auer von Welsbach Museum gives an insight into the cultural history of Althofen.

The Auer von Welsbach Museum gives visitors an overview of the fantastic works of the famous Austrian inventor and scientist. The unique exhibitions offer the visitor the chance to discover the metal filament light bulb and a impressive collection of lighters and the gas mantle. A special attraction of the museum is the original laboratory of Carl Auer von Welsbach.