Our therapy team

More than 120 employees of different occupational groups and therapeutic specialities provide high quality in the patients' therapy and care.

We would like to present our psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports scientists, dietitians, massage therapists and social worker.


Our psychologists address the emotional, psychological and behavioural needs of our patients in a primary group counselling session. By teaching relaxation techniques our psychologists help our patients to cope with chronic stress and everyday strain.

Psychologische Beratung


The physiotherapist's task is to help patients restore their physical functions and strengthen physical performance. The active participation of the patients as well as the interdisciplinary collaboration with other experts of various fields are key factors of success.

Therapies include gymnastics, aquagymnastic and group gymnastics.


Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists help patients to regain or improve self-dependence in everyday social and work life. For an optimal therapy success, the active participation of patients is required.

Occupational therapists analyse the patients' physical impairment and the corresponding daily requirements to individually train fine motor skills, strength and mobility with the use of playful, manual and artistic techniques.

Therapies include

  • back muscle training to strengthen the muscles, release pain and preserve mobility
  • training of the fine motor skills
  • medical training to improve strength, mobility and release pain
  • functional training to adapt ergonomic movement
  • counselling on medical devices
  • creative therapy

Sports scientists

Sports science is a discipline that studies how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity promote health.

The therapy aims to improve the physical functions when suffering e. g. cardiovascular, lung or metabolic diseases.

With the help of sports scientists, endurance, strength, coordination and mobility are increased. For an optimal training, sports scientists calculate the individual heart rate of each patient. Additionally, sports scientists give lectures and workshops to teach patients about optimal training and its effects on health.

Social worker

The social worker's role is to provide help and support for patients after their rehabilitation stay. Due to diseases, many patients cannot continue their work, have financial problems or need homecare.

Together with the patients, our social worker analyses the situation and offers solutions for the time when they return home.


Our dietitians give nutritional advise to our patients. In lectures, they teach the basics of a healthy nutrition. In face-to-face counselling they develop individual nutrition plans based on the patients' needs.

Dietitians help and support our patients to integrate a healthy nutrition into everyday life. Additionally, patients with metabolic diseases learn in the teaching kitchen alternative ways to prepare food and to reduce calories and fat.


Massage therapists

The therapy programme includes beside active therapies also passive thearpies, e. g. hydrotherapy, massage, mud bath, electrotherapy and thermotherapy. Those therapies are provided by massage therapists and aim to improve the patients' well-being.

Speech therapy

A speech therapists helps people with speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders. They provide life-improving treatment and help the patients to build skills by working with them one on one.