Altis Fitness Check

The Altis Fitness Check is a comprehensive medical analysis of the current physical status. Its aim is to improve the performance and fitness level of hobby as well as professional athletes. The test results are the basis for the development of an tailored fitness training programme.

The Fitness Check includes blood test, heart ultrasound, ECG, pulmonary function tests and an endurance test on an exercise bike with lactate test. Heart frequency, lactate and ventilation curves are the significant parameters to determine training levels and heart rate training zones.


First consulting session

In the first consulting session the test subject receives an applicable test protocol. Goals and expectations are specified and the upcoming training programme will be shortly analysed.


All of the relevant preliminary examinations needed for the test such as heart ultrasound, ECG and blood test will be carried out before the endurance diagnostic test.

Endurance test

The endurance test is carried out on the exercise bike.

Lactat test

Lactate concentration levels will be determined during the endurance test via a blood sample taken from the ear lobe. Here the relevant thresholds (aerobic and anaerobic thresholds) are determined during the training.


During the endurance test the respiratory gases are continuously analysed in order to determine more precise findings about your physical fitness. The test subject breathes into a measurement system that analyses the respiratory minute volume as well as the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels of inhaled and exhaled air.


In the course of an extensive follow-up consultation, you will be provided with the following outcomes:

  • Personal fitness profile
  • Heart frequency, lactate and ventilation curves including respiratory parameters, and determining training levels and threshold values
  • Sport medical parameters (ECG, respiratory function, heart ultrasound, blood count)
  • Extensive training consultations: During the training consultation, test results will be discussed; training targets/plans will be established as well as improvement suggestions will be given. The test subject's goals will be primarily addressed in this session.
  • If required: Nutritional consulting


Addional information

Costs: Altis Fitness Test € 250

The Altis Fitness Check takes at least 2 hours.

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