Medical Check-up in the Private Hospital Maria Hilf

This health check focuses on (working) people over the age of 40 who can benefit from a comprehensive medical examination in a short period of time.

This thorough physical examination includes:

  • Internistische Untersuchung inklusive Gefäßstatus
  • cardiovascular exam and pulmonary function test
  • abdominal and thyroid ultrasound
  • blood and urine sample
  • endurance diagnostic test including determination of lactate levels and spirometry
  • measuring body fat and composition, nutrition counselling

Endurance diagnostic test

The endurance diagnostic test is a comprehensive medical analysis of the current physical status. Its aim is to improve the performance and fitness level of hobby as well as professional athletes.

Additionally, it helps to determine the individual's ability to cope with stress or other everyday strains.

The test results are the basis for the development of an tailored fitness training programme.


Constant stress and pressure at the workplace can lead to different diseases. Measuring the heart rate variability can identify possible effects on the organism in early stages.

Nutrition counselling

Our dietitians advise you about a healthy nutrition and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Additionally your body fat and composition is measured.

Our service

For the medical check-up, your are medically taken care of by a doctor of internal medicine. A nurse accompanies you to all various examinations to ensure a smooth course. During your stay in the Private Hospital Maria Hilf you will a have room in our patient hotel.


The Medical Check-up including all examinations costs € 1380 (price list 2021).

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