Your Stay

Naturally, there are a number of questions that may arise during your hospital stay. We would like to inform you about the most important points and processes in our facility.


The Private Hospital Maria Hilf is accessible from the underground garage as well as the parking spaces on top of the garage by elevator and zero-step entries. All medical examination rooms are accessible both for impatients and outpatients. Additionally, our nursing staff is willing to help our patients in need.


With children and/or elderly persons, it is sometimes necessary or desirable for an accompanying person to be admitted with them for stationary stays, in order to have a trustworthy person there. Please discuss this possibility with our staff at the admission desk/reception.


Our cafeteria is open for our patients and their visitors every day from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm. Please notice that smoking is prohibited in the cafeteria and restaurant.

Food and Drinks

Food is an important part of your treatment and is prepared to meet your specific medical needs in accordance with medical and nutritional fundamentals. Our dietitians will gladly advise you regarding your choice of meals and will devise a diet plan to fit your wishes. You can take your meals (together with other patients) in our restaurant on the ground floor or we will gladly serve you your meals in your room.

In our restaurant we serve the meals at the following times

breakfast 07:00 am to 09:00 am
lunch 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
dinner 05:30 pm to 6:45 pm

Haircuts and pedicures

If you wish to get a haircut or pedicure during your stay, please contact a member of your nursing staff who will gladly coordinate an appointment for you.


There is free internet access for all patients. Patients can use the internet via the multimedia terminal in their room or use the WLAN internet that is available in the whole building. At the reception desk patients get an WLAN access code on request.

Magazines and Newspapers

You will receive daily and free of charge a newspaper delivered to your room. Moreover, there is an information stand in the lobby with magazines and information brochures.

Multimedia System

Attached to every patient's bed is a multimedia terminal. This terminal provides patients with a telephone, TV, radio and Internet.

Nondenominational chapel

During stays in hospitals, many patients often need a place for peace and silence. Our chapel for contemplation in the basement floor provides members of all religion denominations a place to pray, for personal reflections and inner peace.

Every Friday and Saturday there is a service at 6:30 pm.

Parking spaces and underground garage

There are 150 parking spaces around the building including the underground garage, which are entirely leased out to the company APCOA.

There are two parking zones with different parking fees:

Underground garage and parking deck

The first zone includes the parking spaces in the underground garage (2 floors) and the parking deck next to the entrance to the underground garage.

Parking fees underground garage and parking deck
€ 2.60 for every commenced hour
€ 26.00 daily maximum

Before leaving the parking space please pay at the car park ticket machine at the ground floor of the hospital. As an alternative, instead of taking a ticket, you can put your credit card into the slot when entering and again when leaving the parking space. In this case you cannot benefit from discounted rates for longterm parking.

Parking for inpatients
Inpatients can benefit from cheaper tickets for the parking spaces in this zone (this is not valid for parking spaces in front of the hospital). The cheaper tickets will be automatically charged at the ticket machine when parking longer than 24 hours.

24–48 hours € 35
48–72 hours € 44
up to 1 week € 48
up to 2 weeks € 73
up to 3 weeks € 99
up to 4 weeks € 123

If you want to exit and reenter the garage during your stay, you can order a parking card for a defined period of time (max. 3 weeks).

Private Parking zone

The second zone includes the chargeable private parking spaces in front of the building. When parking there, please purchase a ticket from the pay and display machine, which you can find there, and display it behind the windscreen.

Parking fees for parking spaces in front of the building
€ 2.60 for every commenced hour

Handicapped parking spaces

Patients with disability identity cards (§29b StVO) can use the reserved parking spaces on the parking deck next to the entrance to the underground garage. We kindly ask inpatients to contact the admission desk before leaving, to get a ticket free of charge to exit the parking space. (only for inpatient patients)

We would like to inform you that it is not possible for patients with disability identity cards to use the private parking spaces in front of the building for free. This is only possible at the parking deck.

For longer stays it is not possible to the leave the parking space every single day at night to get the money refunded.

Pastoral care

During hospital stays, patients often have spiritual desires. Sister Francis is available every Tuesday and Thursday for advice and support. Besides visits and talks with patients in their rooms, she also provides support to family members during difficult times.


You may pay the single-room supplement with either your bank debit card or credit card at the admission desk/reception. Please note that we only accept cash payments of the telephone charges.


If you wish to get a pedicure during your stay, please contact a member of your nursing staff who will gladly coordinate an appointment for you.


Please keep in mind that smoking can damage your health. We ask for your understanding that smoking is only allowed in in the marked smoking zones in accordance with official regulations. We will not tolerate any smoking in hospital rooms or the balcony under any circumstance.

Visiting hours

You are welcome to visit patients in our facilities at anytime. We do request, however, that you respect the privacy of your roommate and keep our quiet rule from 10 pm to 6 am so others can sleep.

Visitor meals

Your family and visitors are welcome to eat with you in the restaurant or cafeteria. They can chose one of our four meals that are offered in the restaurant. After your meal, please pay directly in the restaurant.

Your valuables

In your lockable wardrobe you can also find a safe which can be used either with an individually chosen code or with any card that has a magnetic strip. Next to the safe you will find an instruction sheet for further information. Please place all of your money and other valuables here. When you leave your room, please remember to lock your wardrobe. We cannot take responsibility for any lost valuables.