Costs of the stationary stay

The Private Hospital Maria Hilf has direct billing contracts with all Austrian private health insurance companies and almost all social insurance providers. This means that the billing of the costs occurs directly between the Private Hospital Maria Hilf and the corresponding insurance provider.

For patients who have a private health insurance with a deductible or excess plan, the deductible will be directly charged by the Private Hospital Maria Hilf.

Patients that are insured by social insurance providers who do not have direct contracts with the Private Hospital Maria Hilf, the invoice will be billed directly to them. After payment, these patients can forward the paid invoice to their social insurance provider for reimbursement.

Those patients who are insured by non-Austrian insurance providers and are not able to cover the costs for their stay at the Private Hospital Maria Hilf, are asked to contact the insurance provider which costs will be covered, before arrival.

International insurance companies

We ask for your understanding that it is necessary for your admission to provide us with a written confirmation from your insurance provider. Your insurance provider has to send us this written confirmation of cost acceptance before your planned stay.

There are direct payment contracts with some non-Austrian insurance providers. If a direct payment contract does not exist and there is no cost payment confirmation available, a deposit of 50 % of the cost estimate will be collected at your admission. This deposit will be put towards the final payment!

Going home

After your discharge from the ward, please contact the admission desk to check-out and receive your release form.

Additionally, we kindly ask you to pay any due amounts in cash or with debit/credit card.

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