Outpatient Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Patients who primarily completed a stationary cardiovascular rehabilitation can continue their therapy program with the outpatient cardiocascular rehabilitation.

The aim of the outpatient cardiovascular rehabilitation is to help patients with chronic or acute cardiovascular disease to become active self-managers of their health and reintegrate them into their families and society. Patients have to make necessary changes to their life with regard to physical activity, nutrition and relaxation.

The medical care is provided by the medical director of the cardiovascular rehabiliation, Josef Sykora, MD and his team. This encompasses the medical examination, consultation and the development of a therapy plan.

Privatklinik Maria Hilf
Josef Sykora, MD

Our Team of the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Josef Sykora, MD
Doctor of Internal Medicine, specialisation in cardiology
Head of outpatient Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Private Hospital Maria Hilf

Florian Kruse, MD
Medical Practitioner

Violetta Lorenz, MD
Medical Practitioner

Manuela Weiß, MD
Medical Practitioner

Sports Science
Arnold Jonke
Patrick Fasching, MSc
Mersad Mehmedovic
Helga Nussbacher
Verena Weiß, MSc


Physical therapy
Simone Bacher
Peter Kugi

Nutrition Consulting
Kristina Luschin, BSc
Petra Wankmüller
Martina Horn

Susanne Glantschnig
Nina Hassler

Therapy information - Appointments
Karin Hudelist
Isabella Kühbacher

Administrative Manager
Herbert Ratz

Head of Nursing Staff
Roberta Pessentheiner, BA, MEd


The emphasis of the rehabilitation programme is laid on the exercise therapy which includes heart rate endurance training, strength training and coordination exercises.

Endurance Training

The emphasis of the rehabilitation programme is laid on the exercise therapy, especially on the heart-rate endurance training, carried out on a exercise bike.

Exercise recommendation: 45 min, twice a week

Strength and coordination exercises

After each endurance training unit, the following 10 minutes are used for strength and coordination exercises, to improve the physical performance. For an effective training exercise bands, fitness balls, dumbbells and balance boards are used.

Patienten trainieren am Fahrradergometer

Rehabilitation Course

  1. Primary physical examination
    The examination is carried out by a doctor and includes cardiac ultrasound, endurance diagnostic test and blood examination.
  2. Development of an individual therapy plan
    The therapy plan includes dates for further examinations, the training therapy and lectures.
  3. Exercise therapy (on a weekly basis)
    The exercise therapy takes place twice a week, each unit 50 min.
  4. Lectures of doctors, sports scientists, dieticians and psychologists
    Once per rehabilitation course there are obligatory lectures about medication, physical activity, nutrition and psychology.
  5. In between and final examination
    There is a follow up examination carried out in between and at the end of the rehabilitation course to check the individual functional and physical progress.


For people who are insured at one of the following Austrian insurrance companies, PVA, BVA, KGKK, SVA and VAEB the costs are covered. For this a written confirmation of cost acceptance of the insurrance company is needed.

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